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        discovering    possibilities   with    plastic                                                                                                                                                 discovering    possibilities   with    plastic

        Company Molds

        Al Barsha Precision Moulding Dies. Ind. L.L.C ( bptuae ) is one of the leading tooling and molding dies manufacturing industry in Sharjah, UAE. We cater industries with injection molds, blow molds, extrusion dies, thermo forming dies, vacuum foaming and molding engineering component products with high precision tooling.

        With over an experience of more than 20 years, bptuae have demonstrated a sustained ability to meet successfully the every-changing demands of its global customers.

        Market application areas:

        • Plastic injection molding dies manufacturing
        • Plastic blow molding dies
        • Airline industries
        • Engineering industries
        • Oil & Gas fields
        • Automobile companies
        • Civil & engineering structure Construction
        • Advertising and Media
        • Electrical & Air-conditioning industries
        • Food packing and beverages
        • Packaging & Printing industries