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        discovering    possibilities   with    plastic                                                                                                                                                 discovering    possibilities   with    plastic

        Company Profile

        Al Barshaa Plastic Products Company LLC, “BPPCO” is a leading Plastic manufacturing industry in Sharjah, UAE with 2 manufacturing facilities in Sharjah & Al Jurf, Ajman and is a major producer of Plastic Engineering products in the industrial area. BPPCO offers cost effective plastic products solutions to construction field, airline industry, dairy products, food & beverages, cosmetic, personal care, lube oil, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturers by using the latest technologies in the Injection molding & Blown film processes to produce wild range of Plastic engineering parts, Automotive parts, Jerry Cans, Bottles, Caps and closures.

        Over an experience of over 14 years, BPPCO plastics have demonstrated a sustained ability to meet successfully the ever-changing demands of its global customers. Its growth and diversification over the decades can attributed to a relentless commitment to quality, service and innovation - and to the leadership role, it has assumed in dealing with latest innovative -related environmental issues. With over 80 plus injection molds and a wide range from 60 tons to 450 tons machines. We manufacture molds in Injection mold like direct runner, pinpoint gate, sub-marine gate and hot runner.

        Our blown film can provide wide range of Plastic film Products by means of PE rolls (like Films, PE Rolls, Shrinkable rolls and bags, Shopping Bags with printing, Greenhouse Rolls, sheets etc), Bags and Pouches with bottom sealing and side sealing, printing & Corona treatment of films ( CI and Flexo presses), multilayer technical film structures, Plant based films and Oxo-degradable films.

        The operations of BPPCO has been greatly enhanced thru out Middle east and entire Gulf in corporate culture and customers driven services that provides better solution to customer’s requirements. Al Barshaa Plastic Products Company LLC “BPPCO” is now one having an area of 9500 sq ft manufacturing facilities with 2 manufacturing units in Sharjah Industrial Area and Al Jarf sanaiya, Ajman, is a pioneer in manufacturing plastic products with state-of-art manufacturing facilities Specialized in plastic injection.

        Market application areas:

        • Airline industries
        • Engineering industries
        • Oil & Gas fields
        • Automobile companies
        • Construction
        • Advertising and Media
        • Electrical & Air-conditioning industries
        • Food packing and beverage’s
        • Packaging & Printing industries

        What we offer:

        • Plastic Injection Manufacturing
        • Plastic Blown Film Making